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This Week in CBD: May 10, 2019

The Canadian Health Food Association and the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance are calling for Canadian regulators to treat CBD as a natural health product instead of as a drug.

Since Canada legalized cannabis last year, CBD has been regulated similarly to high-THC cannabis. This means that currently, consumers can only purchase it through a recreational retailer or licensed medical cannabis seller.

If these industry organizations have their way, CBD would be removed from the prescription drug list and could be sold in food and health products.

Meanwhile, a recent report from CTV found that the retailers that are allowed to sell CBD in Canada are having trouble keeping products on the shelves.

According to the report, one reason for the shortage could be that producers assumed that consumers would want high-THC cannabis, and vastly underestimated the demand for non-intoxicating, high-CBD products.

Alternatively, the shortages could be related to difficulties in consistently growing high-quality hemp from which to extract the CBD.

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Forbes reports that Pax Labs CEO Bharat Vasan voiced some skepticism about CBD health claims at a panel in San Francisco on Tuesday, saying, “It’s like the next coming of quinoa or bee pollen.”

Pax Labs is one of the leading cannabis vaporizer manufacturers. They partner with other companies who produce pods  — which often contain some combination of CBD and THC   — for its vaporizers.

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. is the latest national retailer to add CBD body-care products to its offerings.

The company is partnering with Ohio’s Green Growth Brands to offer CBD body scrubs, bath bombs, cleansing oils, lotions and lip balms.

But for now, the hemp-derived products will only be available in 10 stores located in Massachusetts, California, Colorado and Nevada.

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Remarks in a state Senate committee hearing have shed some light on efforts to make CBD more available in the state.

A bill that recently passed in the house, HB 1325, would impose strict regulations on hemp-derived CBD products, including requiring QR codes linked to third-party lab results. But some advocates worry that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick would oppose the bill.

State Sen. Charles Perry told the committee that when he spoke to the lieutenant governor about the bill, the main concern was quality control, saying, “his comment to me directly was, ‘I want to make sure what consumers are buying is the real deal.'”

On Wednesday, the Louisiana House passed a CBD-related bill and sent it to the state Senate.

The bill would define regulations for CBD sales. A late addition to the bill included language prohibiting adding CBD to alcohol or food unless the FDA approves it as an ingredient.

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