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This Week in CBD: July 6, 2016

This week, it’s legal to grow industrial hemp in the state of Virginia, allowing anyone to apply to participate in the state’s industrial hemp research program.

In Arkansas, voters approved medical cannabis back in 2016, but it’s been tied up in legal red tape—until now. This week, state officials said that the medical cannabis program may be up and running in early 2019.

Emerald Health Pharmaceuticals is developing a synthetic cannabidiol-derived compound called EHP-101. They’ll be starting clinical trials later this year to explore its effectiveness in treating multiple sclerosis.

The Texas state health department is considering a policy that would cause CBD oil products to be banned from stores. But a company called CBD American Shaman is planning to expand its presence in the state with 30 new stores in 90 days.

On July 1st, new cannabis testing and packaging regulations took effect in California. That means that as of Sunday, any products that didn’t meet the new, rigorous standards had to be destroyed. According to Wired, the total price tag for the new rules might be up to $350 million.

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