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This Week in CBD: August 3, 2018

This week, one woman’s experience is making people think twice about driving through Wyoming with CBD products.

Anita Maddux was on her way to Montana to care for her ailing mother. She was pulled over in Wyoming for an expired license plate, and when she admitted that she could neither pay the fine or return for a court date, the officer arrested her.

Personnel at the county jail found a 10 mg sample of CBD oil that Maddux had brought to treat her chronic back pain. A rudimentary test detected the presence of THC in the oil, and Maddux was charged with a felony.

Now she has the possibility prison time steep fines hanging over her head…all while she cares for a mother with stage four colon cancer.

New York saw two big cannabis-related developments this week. On Tuesday, Manhattan’s district attorney announced that his office will no longer prosecute people for smoking or possessing marijuana. According to DA Cyrus:

Our research has found virtually no public safety rationale for the ongoing arrest and prosecution of marijuana smoking, and no moral justification for the intolerable racial disparities that underlie enforcement. Tomorrow, our office will exit a system wherein smoking a joint can ruin your job, your college application, or your immigration status, but our advocacy will continue.

And on Thursday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo set up a working group to write a bill legalizing cannabis for adult use in the state. The group will incorporate recommendations from the state’s Department of Health to create the bill.

In California, the VA San Diego Healthcare System is preparing to investigate the efficacy of CBD in treating PTSD. A bill that is currently in Congress would allow the VA to legally conduct the study.

Children with fragile X syndrome benefited from an experimental CBD gel in a number of ways, according to a new clinical trial. This genetic disorder causes learning disabilities and cognitive impairment. The patients in the study experienced few side effects, and demonstrated improvements in areas like:

  • Anxiety
  • Social avoidance
  • Compulsive behavior
  • Manic/hyperactive behavior

On Wednesday, parents who use medical cannabis to treat their children’s debilitating conditions experienced a big win in the state of Illinois.

Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a law that will allow parents and guardians to administer medical cannabis to children on school grounds. Both the parent and the child must qualify to use the product under the state’s medical marijuana laws.

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London reported that CBD extended the lives of mice with pancreatic cancer. They tested CBD alone, CBD in combination with the chemotherapy drug gemcitabine, gemcitabine alone, and a placebo.

On its own, CBD helped but did not perform as well as chemotherapy. When the two were combined, though, the mice lived almost twice as long as they did with either treatment.

Eighty percent of people with this aggressive form of cancer die within a year of diagnosis. The research team believes that if clinical trials demonstrate that the CBD treatment is as effective in humans as it is in mice, pancreatic cancer patients might live years longer than they do with current treatments.

Another new study shows that CBD may be helpful in treating nausea for chemotherapy patients. Treating rats with CBD after they received an injection of a nauseating drug prevented behaviors that signify nausea in the rodents.

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