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This Week in CBD: August 10, 2018

An upcoming North Dakota Supreme Court case will challenge the DEA’s guidance on the legal status of CBD.

In 2017, police seized CBD products from tobacco stores in Watford City and Alexander, ND and charged store owner Falesteni A. Abu Hamda with seven drug-related crimes as a result.

In the original case, Hamda was not allowed to argue that the products were derived from low-THC hemp, which is legal under the 2014 Farm Bill. Rather, the court sided with the prosecutor’s assertion that “CBD comes from the illegal variety of the hemp plant.”

If the Supreme Court sides with Hamda on his appeal, this may provide guidance for other states on how to approach confusion surrounding the DEA’s statements on CBD.

On Monday, Philadelphia joined the list of cities that will no longer pursue charges against people for possessing small amounts of cannabis. NBC10, a local news station, obtained a memo noting that the district attorney’s office has already declined to prosecute almost 300 of these cases in 2018.

Shape Magazine tested four different CBD products that claim to help with sleep, with mixed results. According to writer Ashley Mateo:

“While it didn’t seem to have any wild effects on how long it took me to get to sleep, the quality of my pre-sleep bedtime was way more relaxed than that of the week before, when I would lie awake thinking about deadlines, to-dos, and the way I really wish I had responded to that text.”

With the likelihood that the 2018 Farm Bill will legalize agricultural hemp, The Atlantic explores the background of the hemp provision, as well as the legislation’s likely outcomes. What happens if hemp production exceeds the existing infrastructure for processing the crop?

Italy legalized medical marijuana in 2007, and soon it could be even easier for patients to get access to their meds. The country is planning to make cannabis widely available in pharmacies, and intends to significantly increase domestic cultivation and production.

The new CBD drug Epidiolex is the result of the efforts of one boy’s parents to find an effective treatment for his epilepsy.

In a report broadcast this week, NPR reported that Sam Vogelstein was the first patient to try Epidiolex, after his parents contacted GW Pharmaceuticals directly. They asked the company for access to a CBD-based treatment that was in development for multiple sclerosis.

It took months of discussion, but eventually the family traveled to the UK so that Sam could try the drug. And according to Sam’s mother,

“After one day his seizures were down to 30. After two days they were down to ten. After three days he had one seizure.”

In 1765, George Washington began growing hemp at his Virginia plantation, Mt. Vernon. And today, the Washington Post reports, the location’s first modern hemp crop is nearly ready for harvest.

Want to learn more about the history of hemp? Check out CBD Hacker’s Wild History of Hemp in the US. This interactive timeline traces the plant’s rise, fall, and recent comeback throughout centuries of cultivation.

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