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Steve’s Goods: Quality Colorado CBD

If you like a one-stop CBD shopping experience, Steve’s Goods pretty much has it all. Whether you like your CBD in gummy form, concentrates, or an old fashioned tincture, you’ll find your product of choice on Steve’s colorful website.

The company sources local, organically grown, Colorado hemp and uses a CO2 extraction process. This means that their products are free of harmful chemicals and they have third-party lab reports to prove it.

Fortunately, Steve’s Goods is committed to reasonable pricing as well, so you won’t have to take out a second mortgage to experience the benefits of CBD. Sound good? Keep reading for our complete review.

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Hemp Source: Colorado

CBD Types:

Full spectrum, broad spectrum, isolate

Transparency: Lab results available on site for most products

Product Categories:

  • Tinctures
  • Topicals
  • Edibles
  • Wax
  • Shatter
  • Isolate
  • Pet products

About Steve’s Goods

Steve’s Goods was founded in 2016 with a mission to challenge the CBD industry with fair pricing and uncompromising quality.

Their colorful website suggests a relaxed vibe, but the company checks all the boxes when it comes to transparency as well, with full third-party lab reports for most products. You can even see lab reports for their raw materials like distillate, isolate, and crude CBD oil.

And there really is a lot to choose from. So if you like the experience of browsing through different product types, or if bundle deals are your thing, Steve’s Goods fits the bill.

Of course, the downside of the one-stop-shop is that they don’t really specialize in anything. Customers seem to be happy with their experiences though, and a robust return policy means you can return anything you’re not happy with.

One unique feature of Steve’s Goods’ tinctures is that, in addition to CBD, they include higher than average amounts of CBG, a minor cannabinoid which is usually only found in trace amounts.

CBG has been garnering a bit of attention lately, due to research that indicates its benefits – which may include neuroprotection and antibacterial properties. In fact, Steve’s Goods names several of their tinctures “CBG Oil,” which could be confusing since CBD is still the dominant cannabinoid.

Another product worth calling attention to is their vegan, full spectrum CBD Gummies. These are both notably delicious and respectably potent, making them one of the top three products on our ranking of the Best CBD Gummies.

All ingredients are organic, and whenever possible, they are sourced locally. And if you have any questions about process or products, Steve’s Goods’ customer service reps are happy to answer questions – promptly and thoroughly.

User Experience

Steve’s Goods’ website looks great, and products are easy to find and purchase, but the written information leaves much to be desired.

There is a lot of conflicting information on the website, especially when it comes to the presence of THC in their products. On the same page, you might find paragraphs that state that there is 0% THC or just less than 0.3% THC. Fortunately, lab reports give a complete picture of what actually goes into all products. Be sure to check these out.

Customer Service

We had a good experience with Steve’s Goods’ customer service. Whether you prefer to reach out by phone, email, or facebook message, they provide multiple ways to get in touch.

The phones do seem to be generally answered by voicemail, but they get back to you quickly we had responses to our questions in around an hour. They were friendly, and they were able to answer our questions easily.


The purchase process at Steve’s Goods is pretty easy, though the first time we went through we had a hard time seeing shipping options. Generally, free shipping kicks in with a $75 purchase. Otherwise, you’ll pay a flat rate of $8.99, which certainly isn’t cheap.

We couldn’t find information on the website about a return policy, but their customer service rep assured us that “if you are not satisfied with a product you can certainly exchange it for another one or receive full credit back for your goods!”


Steve’s Goods provides third-party lab reports for most products, though we couldn’t find one for their CBD coffee. The ones we looked at were up-to-date and easy to find most products have a lab report on their product page. If you can’t find one there, there’s a link to a full page of lab reports at the bottom of every page.

Additionally, Steve’s Goods doesn’t hide its leadership. This adds another layer of transparency since having your name and face associated with a product is an extra incentive to do it right!

Our Verdict

Reasonable pricing, good customer service, and a high level of transparency make Steve’s Goods a solid company. They’re a great shopping option for a wide array of CBD products.

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Sonja Soderlund

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