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Pure Spectrum CBD’s Phytocannabinoid Revolution

If you’ve done any research about CBD brands, you know that manufacturing and testing standards can vary wildly. Some companies apply rigorous controls to every step of the manufacturing process, while others…well, they just don’t don’t seem to bother. But Colorado’s Pure Spectrum wants to change that.

Pure Spectrum’s mission is to establish higher CBD-industry standards. That’s why they’ve partnered with researchers and experts to stay on the cutting edge of current technology. And their goal? “To deliver the purest, most reliable phytocannabinoid wellness products on the world market today.”

Thinking of trying out one of Pure Spectrum’s products? Read on to learn what this company is all about.

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Hemp Source: Colorado

CBD Types: Full spectrum and CBD isolate

Transparency: Recent third-party lab results for most products are available on the website

Product Categories:

  • Isolate
  • Tinctures
  • Topicals
  • Vape products
  • Pet products

About Pure Spectrum CBD

This Evergreen, Colorado-based company has been in business since 2015. So, while they aren’t the oldest CBD company around, they are well established and have built a solid reputation in their years of operation.

Their commitment to quality starts with using ingredients that are grown using organic farming practices, from their Colorado-grown hemp to their carrier oils.

They also stand out for formulating their vape products without vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, which are common but controversial ingredients.

Price-wise, when we analyzed the price per milligram of CBD, Pure Spectrum tends to land on the higher end of average. This is likely due at least in part to those aforementioned organic ingredients.

The company’s marketing materials incorporate spiritual imagery, often referencing the chakras, or energetic focal points that some mystical traditions believe exist within the human body.

If that’s all a bit too new-agey for you, though, you can skip the esoteric stuff and just go straight to the cold, hard facts: lab results are available for most of the products available on the site.

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User Experience
We found the Pure Spectrum website easy to shop and navigate.

Its performance was adequate on mobile and desktop devices, although a video on the home page was, at the time of this writing, playing at low resolution on larger screens.

The purchase process is easy to complete, and detailed information about the products is readily available.

Customer Service
Pure Spectrum clearly emphasizes customer satisfaction in their company culture.

When we reached out via their website chat tool, we received an instant response. The representative was friendly and knowledgeable about the company’s products.

If you need to get in touch, you can also reach Pure Spectrum via phone numbers and emails listed for specific departments, a general email form, general phone, and social media.

Pure Spectrum offers a very reasonable return policy: If you are unhappy with your product, you have 30 days to request a full refund.

The company offers a flat shipping rate of $9.00.

Compared to their competitors, we found Pure Spectrum’s packaging to be a bit on the excessive side. For example, the tincture bottle that we ordered came embedded in a styrofoam cutout within a cardboard box, which was then packaged inside a larger cardboard box.

With all of that packaging, though, at least you can count on your items arriving intact.

Pure Spectrum’s CEO Brady Bell is front-and-center in the company’s public relations, and we always like to see a company’s leadership standing behind their products.

While their website doesn’t offer a great deal of information about where their hemp comes from, we found their customer service representatives to be very forthcoming when we contacted them.

We also appreciate the posting of recent third-party lab results on the website. We did notice, though, that there weren’t yet reports for some items, like their new line of pet products.

Our Verdict

Highly Recommended

We’re big fans of Pure Spectrum’s locally sourced hemp and organic ingredients. And the company’s lightning-fast customer service and generous return policy clearly demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction.

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