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Pure Kind Botanicals CBD: Commitment to Quality

By sourcing locally-grown high-CBD hemp plants and using quality ingredients like non-GMO MCT oil, Pure Kind Botanicals offers top-notch products at a reasonable price.

Their unique extraction method preserves the cannabinoids and terpenes that you want from a full-spectrum product. But what really sets Pure Kind Botanicals apart is the fact that they can retain those natural plant compounds while also delivering a noticeably mild, natural flavor.

Thinking of giving this Fort Lupton, Colorado-based CBD brand a try? Read on to get all of the information you need.

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Hemp Source: Colorado

CBD Types: Full spectrum and isolate

Transparency: Lab results are available on their website

Product Categories:

  • Oil drops
  • Capsules
  • Topicals
  • CBD isolate powder

About Pure Kind Botanicals

Pure Kind Botanicals takes pride in the CBD products that they provide. Using high-CBD hemp strains grown in Colorado, they produce “super-premium” products that support the local economy.

The company opened its doors in 2016, but their parent company PureVision Technology has been around since 1992. Throughout this time, PureVision has been committed to perfecting biomass conversion technology that moves us towards a “carbon neutral and more sustainable future.”

In line with these values, Pure Kind Botanicals affirms the use of organically grown hemp, although they do not yet have an organic certification. Their extraction method is “a unique ethanol extraction method” designed to gently extract the healthful phytonutrients from the hemp flowers.

Their Wellness Nectar, a full-spectrum CBD oil, beat out many other candidates to make it to our 20 Best CBD Oil Drops for 2019. It was the product quality, user experience, and customer service that earned them a spot amongst the best CBD oil tinctures available.

And in addition to this mild-tasting full spectrum CBD oil, they also offer topicals, capsules, and a CBD isolate powder.

User Experience
The Pure Kind Botanicals website is exceptionally easy to navigate. It loads at average speed on desktop, but is a bit slower on mobile devices.

You can easily see what products they carry, and each has detailed descriptions on the product pages.

Our primary qualm is that there is limited information available on the site. While the simplicity makes it easy to find products and go through the purchase process, you will need to reach out to their customer service team to learn about things like their hemp sourcing. Fortunately, we found their representatives to be quick and helpful.

Customer Service
You can easily contact Pure Kind Botanicals via phone, email, or Facebook. When we contacted them, we received an immediate response when calling and a response within 24 hours with email communication.

Their customer service reps were friendly and helpful, thoroughly answering any questions that we had.

Purchasing products through their website is simple and fast, with a flat rate shipping cost of $9.99. We received the products that we ordered in perfect condition.

They have a generous return policy with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In order to receive a refund or replacement, you must return the products within 30 days of purchase with at least half of the product remaining.

When it comes to transparency, Pure Kind Botanicals does proudly introduce customers to their whole team on their website. Additionally, while their website is sparse when it comes to information, their customer service is forthcoming and knowledgeable.

As transparency pertains to quality, they post third party lab results on their website, but the results are from 2017. Updated COAs would help customers confirm what’s in the batch that they purchase.

Our Verdict

With one of the best-tasting full-spectrum hemp oil products on the market and commitment to quality in every aspect of CBD production, we enthusiastically recommend purchasing CBD from Pure Kind Botanicals.

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Nicole Gleichmann

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