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Pet Releaf: Premium CBD Products for Pets

For animal lovers who want the best CBD for their pets, Pet Releaf has you covered. The company’s mission is “to change what healthy means for pets” with products that are designed to promote wellness from the inside out.

With a full line of CBD products for cats and dogs, Pet Releaf uses certified organic hemp and a clean supercritical CO2 extraction process. Their CBD products certainly aren’t the cheapest you can find, but if you want a company that doesn’t cut corners, Pet Releaf fits the bill.

Interested? Read on for more details.

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Hemp Source: Colorado

CBD Types: Certified organic, full spectrum CBD

Transparency: Website provides third-party lab test results for all products

Pet Product Categories:

  • Tinctures
  • Capsules
  • Edibles
  • Topicals

About Pet Releaf

Unlike most CBD companies that offer pet products as an aside, Pet Releaf puts animals at the center of what they do. Company founders Steve and Alina Smith take pet health seriously, and their company processes testify to that.

Started as a way to promote wellness in their own pets, the Smiths have chosen the highest quality ingredients available for their products. All their hemp is sourced from a USDA-certified organic hemp farm in Colorado, and even the variety of hemp has been chosen specifically for animals.

For their CBD oil, Pet Releaf developed PR-33, a proprietary strain of hemp with very low levels of THC, intended specifically for pets. This means that pet owners can take advantage of the other beneficial cannabinoids present in a full spectrum CBD oil without worrying about THC toxicity.

And for pets who need to take their CBD oil with food, Pet Releaf has developed a liposome delivery system for their CBD. While there’s been little scientific research on liposomal CBD, studies have shown liposomes to protect other drug molecules as they pass through the digestive system, resulting in better absorption.

In addition to tinctures and capsules, Pet Releaf also offers a variety of handmade edibles for dogs and cats. These contain no wheat, corn, dairy or soy, fillers or chemical preservatives. And for skin irritation, the company has an all-natural CBD-infused Canna Care topical.

All Pet Releaf products undergo extensive third-party testing which is available for customers to view on the website. They also have responsive customer service, so feel free to ask questions before purchasing.

Is it possible to find a less expensive option for quality pet CBD? Definitely. On the other hand, Pet Releaf checks all the necessary boxes that pertain to premium, rigorously tested CBD products. And few companies hold pet wellness to be such an essential part of their company ethos.

User Experience

Pet Releaf’s website is both attractive and well-designed. You’ll find loads of information about everything from the company’s hemp strain to the extraction process and product manufacturing processes.

Important information like product ingredients are easy to find as well, and they provide useful tools like a usage calculator to help you figure out which CBD products are most appropriate for your pet.

Customer Service

We found Pet Releaf’s customer service to be responsive and friendly. They answered our email within an hour, and it was clear that they knew their products well.

Their website form does require that you give a phone number, which we don’t love. However, if you prefer, you can contact them through Facebook, or you can phone them.


We found Pet Releaf’s purchase process to be glitch-free. On the downside, free shipping only begins at $200, which is a relatively high minimum order. If your shopping cart contains less than that, you’ll have to pay $8.00 for shipping.

But you can feel confident that Pet Releaf stands behind their products. While the company doesn’t accept physical returns of their products, if you’re not satisfied, you can request a refund within 30 days.


Pet Releaf stands out for highly transparent company practices. Company founders Steve and Alina Smith are proud of their products. And unlike many CBD company founders, they put their names on the line.

Third-party test results are available on the website for all products. They are up-to-date, include batch numbers, and test for guaranteed potency of CBD and THC levels. There are also contaminant testing results for some products.

Our Verdict

Pet Releaf sets a high bar for CBD pet products.

With seed-to-sale oversight, the company creates premium-quality, organic CBD products that you can trust for your pets.

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