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Myaderm: Pharmacist-Formulated Transdermal CBD Creams

When taking CBD orally (the most popular method), users often have to wait up to an hour for the effects to kick in. Myaderm seeks to solve this problem with its line of transdermal CBD creams that provide fast relief for pain and inflammation, right at the source.

Focusing solely on creams, this Colorado CBD company promises its pharmacist-formulated creams are better than your pills, ointments, and balms. But do Myaderm’s products really deliver? Find out in this full review.

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Hemp Source: Colorado

CBD Types: Isolate

Transparency: Lab results available on site for each product and batch

Product Categories:

  • Pain cream
  • Sport cream
  • Blemish cream
  • Pet cream

About Myaderm

Myaderm is a Colorado-based CBD producer that uses pharmaceutical technology to develop products that soothe pain and inflammation at the source. They offer creams exclusively, with products that are tailored for a number of different uses. They offer creams for pain, sports, blemishes, and even pets.

Myaderm’s products are made by a pharmacist with decades of experience working with transdermal products (products that deliver an active ingredient by being absorbed through the skin). They use pharmaceutical practices and technologies, and all manufacturing occurs in an FDA-registered facility.

The company’s professionalism, experience, and exceptional transparency are hard to ignore. In fact, Myaderm’s CBD pain cream was one of the top-rated products on our list of the top CBD creams, balms, and salves.

Myaderm’s choice to focus on a single niche (topical creams) has paid off. They are able to focus all of their attention on making one great product line and offering it to customers at a fair price. This puts them ahead of the curve in the emerging CBD market.

Myaderm sources its CBD from Colorado-grown hemp, and all of the CBD in Myaderm’s products is CBD isolate. This means that the products contain only CBD and not any other cannabinoids. Myaderm’s creams are therefore ideal for those who want to avoid even trace amounts of THC.

User Experience

Myaderm’s website is direct and to the point, making it easy to shop and access information. The site works well, though it’s admittedly not the most  exciting website in the world. Still, it’s very easy to choose your product and make a purchase directly from the home page. There are very few pages and tabs to deal with, making navigation simple.

Each product page is easy to read and understand, and clearly lists all of the ingredients. You can choose single or bulk orders on the product page, but to change the size or strength you have to select a different product.

Customer Service
Despite the slightly cold feel of Myaderm’s site, customer service is friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive. They responded instantly via Facebook messenger, and the rep was able to answer all of our questions. One of the best customer service experiences we’ve had to date!

Myaderm’s customer service channels include on-site chat, email, contact form, phone, and Facebook Messenger.

Myaderm’s purchase and shipping policies are everything you could hope for — free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, simply contact Myaderm for a refund.

We received our orders in a timely manner, and the products arrived in perfect condition.

Myaderm scores high marks for their third-party lab results, but could better disclose some other information on their site.

We love that they clearly list their lab results for each product and each batch produced. You can find a link to this information easily on the homepage.

But, some crucial information isn’t available on the site, including the source of their hemp and their CBD extraction method. There is also no information about the company’s founders/leadership.

An FAQ page addresses some questions about their products, but it could be more comprehensive. None of the questions address product ingredients, for example.

Luckily, customer service answered all of these questions for us, but it would be nice to have the info on the site.

Our Verdict

Myaderm offers a range of affordable products that are formulated for specific needs. If you suffer from muscle pain, joint pain, acne, skin inflammation, or bruises, we recommend Myaderm’s transdermal CBD creams for fast relief.

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