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Mission Farms Pairs CBD with the Power of Essential Oils

Scientific studies are revealing that CBD is a potential treatment for a number of conditions, including insomnia, anxiety, pain, and many more.

But most CBD producers sell one-size-fits-all products that don’t cater to any particular ailment. Mission Farms CBD is bucking this trend by producing CBD oil products made for specific conditions.

By combining CBD with essential oils, Mission Farms believes that the relief it provides can be enhanced. Intrigued? Get the full scoop in this review.

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Hemp Source: Oregon

CBD Types: Full Spectrum

Transparency: Lab results available on website

Product Categories:

About Mission Farms

Mission Farms is an Oregon-based CBD producer founded in 2018. After experiencing discomfort or dissatisfaction from pharmaceutical drugs, the founders tried CBD as a way to achieve natural, side-effect-free relief. Partnering with another founder who grew hemp using organic practices, they decided to spread the word on CBD through their own line of products.

Their CBD products target a variety of conditions by pairing full spectrum CBD oil with additional terpenes and essential oils. This means you can choose a CBD product made specifically to relieve the condition you suffer from.

They have four relief options for most of their product lines:

Rest: Improves sleep. Includes added terpene linalool and essential oils bergamot, orange, lavender, and chamomile.
Relieve: Reduces pain. Includes added terpene humulene and essential oils peppermint, rosemary, and clove.
Relax: Relieves anxiety. Includes added terpene beta caryophyllene and essential oils grapefruit, orange, ylang ylang, and clary sage.
Pure: No additives (only carrier oil and natural flavoring)

But do they really work? Well, research shows that terpenes can influence and enhance the effect of CBD, and essential oils are packed with them. We liked their tinctures so much that we included them in our ranking of the 20 Best CBD Oil Drops for 2019.

We also love that Mission Farms grows its own hemp using organic practices. This allows for more third-party testing and quality control (which they do) and fewer potential issues with hemp sourcing (something to be wary of with many CBD companies). It has the added benefit of cutting out the middle man, allowing them to keep prices competitive without compromising on quality.

Mission Farms formulates their products with CBD from 100% Oregon-grown hemp. Their CBD is extracted using an ethanol extraction method. No pesticides or preservatives are used in Mission Farms’ products, and all essential oils and flavorings are certified organic.

User Experience
Mission Farms’ website is colorful and easy to use. Finding products, offers, and information is not a problem, for the most part. Product pages and the home page contain a lot of helpful information for beginners and CBD enthusiasts alike, but some other information is not as easy to access.

We would prefer if the lab results were accessible from the front page or the product pages, as it takes a little digging to find them. Also, things don’t move so quickly on mobile platforms, making it a little bit more challenging to shop on your phone or tablet.

Customer Service
We contacted Mission Farms via email and received a response within just one day. The representative was kind and helpful and provided us with all the answers we were looking for.

It’s clear that Mission Farms’ customer support is knowledgeable and passionate about the products they sell.

Mission Farms’ has a flat shipping rate of $5 per order.

All products come with a 30-day guarantee, and they offer a trial size bottle of CBD oil drops to make it even easier to give them a try.

Our order was packaged very attractively and each product was secured safely. Our products arrived on time and everything was intact.

As of this writing, potency results are available on the CBD oil category page. If you decide to look at their blog, you’ll find extensive third-party testing of their CBD distillate.

As we mentioned above, the lab results for Mission Farms’ products are not as easy to find as we’d like them to be. The company plans to add lab results to their product pages in the future, though.

Our Verdict

Mission Farms makes excellent CBD products with some of the finest hemp in the industry.

We love that you’re able to pick a CBD option suited to your particular need, and the prices are more reasonable than many other companies.

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