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Lazarus Naturals CBD Offers Exceptional Value and Quality

Seattle-based Lazarus Naturals has a mission: to make quality CBD products affordable for those who need them most. And when we did the math, we found that Lazarus Naturals CBD does indeed offer some of the best values around.

So, if you’re looking for a CBD producer who can offer the biggest bang for your buck, you should definitely give Lazarus Naturals a close look. Read on to learn why.

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Hemp Source: Domestic

CBD Types: Full spectrum and isolate

Extraction: Ethanol

Transparency: Third-party lab results on website

Product Categories:

  • Tinctures
  • Capsules
  • Isolates
  • Coconut Oil
  • Pet Products
  • Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

About Lazarus Naturals CBD

In our recent ranking of CBD oils, we found that Lazarus Naturals offered the best value of the bunch (measured in price per milligram of CBD). They don’t have a huge range of products, but they have a solid and growing selection to choose from.

Lazarus Naturals is clearly driven by a strong ethical vision. The employee-owned company makes good on their promise to bring CBD to those who need it with a variety of customer assistance programs, offering discounts for the following groups:

  • Veterans
  • Individuals on long-term disability
  • Low income households

And they don’t seem to be cutting any corners to offer deep discounts on top of their already reasonable prices. On the contrary, Lazarus Naturals CBD is made with domestic, non-gmo hemp and organic oils serve as the carriers for the different products.

User Experience

The Lazarus Naturals webstore offers a friction-free shopping experience. We were able to go through the purchasing process without a hitch.

One of the most impressive things about the Lazarus Naturals user experience is the wealth of information that they make available to consumers. They do a great job of anticipating and answering common questions within each product description.

But if you don’t want to sort through a lot of text, you’ll be happy to see that informative graphics highlight the most important product features. This could be especially helpful when using mobile devices.

Customer Service

In our experience, customer service experience at Lazarus Naturals is solid, but a bit disorganized.

What does that mean? When we submitted a question via email, we got a response almost immediately. So far, so good! But then we received a second response to the same question about 24 hours later.

Now, we’d rather have too many responses than not enough, so this certainly isn’t a dealbreaker. But tightening up their support procedures would give customers a more streamlined experience.


The shipping rates for Lazarus Naturals CBD are pretty standard. Purchases over $50 ship for free, while anything less than that is calculated by destination. Our bottle of High Potency Tincture arrived intact, packed in a bubble-wrap-lined shipping envelope.

Our overall impression of Lazarus Naturals is that they really looked at the whole CBD shopping experience from the customer’s point of view. As a result, the are among the most transparent CBD companies that we’ve seen.

Each product page contains third-party lab tests, listed by batch. That means that you can compare recent batches to see how consistent the products are. And they don’t just give you potency results. You’ll also find tests for pesticides and heavy metals.

We were also impressed with the way that the folks at Lazarus Naturals clearly take pride in their product. Their “about us” page shows you the name, title and smiling face of each member of their leadership team.

Our Verdict

Highly Recommended

Lazarus Naturals CBD excels in the areas that are most important to consumers: quality, value, and transparency. Their mission is to offer affordable, high quality CBD, and they rise to the challenge.

Shop Lazarus Naturals
Use code cbdhackr for 10% off!

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