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Green Gorilla’s Hemp and Olive CBD

For decades, nutritionists have known that olive oil can provide serious health benefits as part of a healthy diet. And in their “Hemp and Olive” line of products, Green Gorilla combines the established nutritional powerhouse of olive oil with the new kid on the supplement block: CBD.

The idea is that with these products, you’re getting two antioxidant powerhouses in one.

Are you thinking of trying Green Gorilla’s CBD products? Read on to learn everything you need to know to make your decision.

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Hemp Source: Domestic (Colorado and Nevada)

CBD Types: Full-Spectrum and Isolate

Transparency: Third-party lab results are available for some products

Product Categories:

  • CBD Oil Sprays
  • Topicals
  • Pet Care
  • Horse Care

About Green Gorilla

With good prices, high quality ingredients, and great-tasting products, California-based Green Gorilla has landed in several of our product rankings, including our list of the Best CBD Oils for 2018.

And Green Gorilla has made a lot of progress in the last year. They now source their CBD through their own strategic agricultural division: Gorilla FarmCo.

In their products, they blend either full spectrum CBD or CBD isolate with organic olive oil and herbal extracts. The brand’s “GG BioEnhanced Complex,” which includes turmeric and rosemary, could also be a great enhancement if you’re seeking relief from pain and inflammation.

So, whether you’re looking for the best CBD values, the best-tasting CBD, or even a product designed especially for pets, Green Gorilla has you covered.

User Experience
With their easy-to-navigate website and family-friendly design, Green Gorilla’s website offers a pleasant experience.

On the technical side of things, we found that their site performed at around average speeds. We found no issues with the purchasing process.

Customer Service
In our experience, customer service was mostly very good.

We got a quick response to our initial inquiry, with an email response arriving within 30 minutes. The representative was friendly, agreeable, and knowledgeable about the products.

But when we asked a follow-up question, we never got another response.

With a 14-day return window, Green Gorilla’s return policy is on the stricter side.

Shipping prices are typical, with a flat rate of $7 for orders under $100, and free shipping after you cross that threshold.

Everything in our order was packed nicely and arrived intact.

We were happy to see that Green Gorilla is very transparent about who owns the company and who is on the team. It’s always a good sign when the leadership of a company is willing to put their own reputations on the line to stand behind their products.

And with the switch to their own hemp production, their sourcing is much more transparent than it was when we first looked at Green Gorilla’s transparency practices in early 2018.

One area where we would like to see improvement is in posting third-party lab results for their products. There are results for some items under the “science” tab on the site, but these are dated from 2017.

Our Verdict

Highly Recommended

High-quality, transparently sourced ingredients, pleasant flavors, and reasonable prices are just a few of the reasons that we highly recommend Green Gorilla CBD.

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