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Endoca CBD: Nature Knows Best

It can be hard to find high-quality, organic CBD products. Read on to find out whether Endoca fits the bill.

As CBD hits the shelves of mainstream stores like Kroger, CVS, and Dillards, conscientious consumers are looking for CBD with the USDA Certified Organic label — but they’re often looking in vain.

Most CBD producers are still ineligible for organic certification, but Endoca CBD is stepping in to fill the gap. While they don’t have an official USDA certification, they grow their hemp on certified organic land in Europe, and then manufacture their products in certified organic production facilities. This makes them a rare outlet for clean, organic CBD products.

But does organic always mean high quality? We put Endoca to the test to find out.

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Hemp Source: Denmark

CBD Types: Full spectrum, isolate, and raw CBD

Transparency: Lab results available on the website

Product Categories:

  • CBD Oil Drops
  • Capsules
  • Topicals
  • CBD Extract
  • Edibles
  • Food Supplements
  • Crystals
  • Pet Products

About Endoca

Endoca was formed in 2008 in Europe by a biochemist and geneticist who had become fascinated with the medicinal effects of cannabis. As one of the oldest players in the market, Endoca offers users reliability and consistency rarely seen in the CBD craze of modern days.

Glowing reviews around the web back up Endoca’s long track record of reliability; they must be doing something right to have lasted over a decade in the volatile cannabis industry.

During our own research, we found that Endoca stood out from the crowd in a few major ways:

Seed-to-Shelf Operations

Endoca owns its land and production facilities, so it has control over its entire process from seed to shelf. This means more comprehensive testing and quality control measures than most CBD producers.

Organic Certified

To be clear, as a European company Endoca is not certified through the USDA’s organic certification program. But, its hemp is grown on organic certified land and produced in organic certified facilities in Europe, and the company stands by its dedication to 100% organic practices.

GMP Certified

A rare find, Endoca built its own processing facility, which achieved a pharmaceutical-grade GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certification. This guarantees a high level of consistency and optimal testing and quality control practices.

Attractive Pricing

Endoca is not a middleman. It owns its entire production process and therefore can offer lower prices. Amazingly, Endoca offers 3-for-2 deals on all of its products.

Endoca CBD: What to Know Before You Buy

Endoca’s product line is diverse and contains some unique and appealing items, such as CBD chewing gum, CBD body butter, and pure CBD extract (raw, unadulterated hemp paste direct from the extraction process).

We particularly like the CBD capsules, which CBD Hacker’s tests revealed had the best ratio of CBD to other cannabinoids of any capsules we’ve ever tested. Endoca even earned a top spot on our list of the best CBD capsules and softgels of 2019.

Our only criticism relates to Endoca’s pet products. This product line isn’t a pet product line at all, but simply a page of Endoca’s products marketed to pets. It’s normal to use the same CBD extract in products for pets and humans, but Endoca has even listed their CBD lip balm as a pet product.

Endoca’s hemp is organically grown, non-GMO, vegan, and kosher. They use CO2 to extract CBD and cannabinoids from hemp. Endoca is a European CBD company with offices in Washington and The Netherlands.

User Experience

Photo of Endoca CBD productsThe Endoca website is easy to navigate and full of helpful information. The site speed could be a bit faster, and shopping on mobile is slow going, but the layout is generally pleasing and the products are accessible.

We had a few problems with the shopping cart during checkout (it emptied itself when we were updating the cart), but this didn’t cause any issues apart from some mild inconvenience.

Customer Service

As one of the most experienced CBD producers in the industry, it came as no surprise that the customer service team was highly knowledgable and helpful.

We received an immediate response when we gave them a call, and they got back to us within a day on social media. All the reps we spoke to gave clear answers and were exceptionally kind.


Endoca ships globally and offers free shipping on orders over $74. All other orders are subject to a flat shipping rate of $7.

Because Endoca ships overseas, its return policy is quite strict. It will only accept returns of unopened products.

The products we ordered were adequately packaged and arrived promptly.


We were generally happy with the transparency efforts by Endoca. They perform extensive in-house testing, and then send their hemp extract to third-party labs for additional testing. Those results can be found on their website, though you may need to contact the company to get the batch number associated with a particular product.

Endoca is very open about its hemp sourcing and production process as well as the company leadership.

Our Verdict

Already a decade strong and showing no signs of stopping, Endoca has proven that they are in the CBD game for all the right reasons.

Their seed-to-shelf production process and organic certified hemp make Endoca one of the best CBD brands both in terms of quality and trust.

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