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CBD Hacker's top CBD oils

For our CBD reviews, we round up a selection of beloved brands and promising newcomers to evaluate.

Then, we use a blind testing process to evaluate the products for taste, smell and appearance. Our testers don’t know which brands they are testing, so even subconscious bias doesn’t enter the reviews.

In addition, we evaluate each product in areas like:

  • User experience
  • Customer service
  • Product
  • Purchase and shipping
  • Transparency

And most importantly, we send samples of each product to a third-party lab to be tested for CBD and THC potency.

Our processes make us confident that the products in our rankings are the best of the best.

Photo of the all-around winners of the best CBD capsules and softgels ranking for 2019
Best CBDCapsulesCBD ReviewsFeatured

If you want to try CBD but also like the familiarity and convenience of capsules or softgels, there’s no lack of companies ready to sell you their wares. To find find out which brands are worth your time, we’ve combed the industry for the top players (as well as a

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Photo of this year's top five most affordable CBD oils
Best CBDCBD ReviewsFeaturedSublingual CBD Oils

You may already know that cannabidiol, or CBD, can be a great part of your daily wellness routine. But you may have also noticed one area where CBD oil often doesn’t promote a healthy balance: your wallet.

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Photo of five of the best CBD oil drops
Best CBDCBD ReviewsFeaturedSublingual CBD Oils

CBD oil drops that are made to be taken sublingually, or under the tongue, are among the most popular formats for cannabidiol. But the industry’s lack of transparency makes it difficult to find the best CBD oil drops for you, especially if it’s your first time shopping for CBD.

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Best CBDCBD Reviews

Getting a good night’s sleep helps your day-to-day mood and productivity. It’s also crucial to your mental and physical health, diet, and interpersonal relationships. But good sleep isn’t always easy to come by. CBD, or cannabidiol, is now widely touted as a helpful sleep aid. Many people prefer it for its easy

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Photo of best CBD oil products for anxiety
Best CBDCBD ReviewsFeaturedSublingual CBD Oils

Anxiety is everywhere. The ever-growing list of causes seems to include just about everything, from reading too much news, to learning about the latest food dangers, to getting wrapped up in social media.

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Photo of 3 CBD bottles
Best CBDSublingual CBD Oils

Pain is one of the biggest and most complex conditions that CBD may treat. Physicians are still trying to improve their very understanding of pain and how to accurately measure it. After all, they can’t directly see pain; they can only study it through patients’ descriptions.

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Best CBDCBD ReviewsFeaturedVape Oils

Whether you’re looking for value, service, tasty flavors, or a healthy balance of all of these elements, it’s a wild world of CBD vape juice out there. That’s why we’ve thoroughly evaluated dozens of CBD e-liquids to find the best of the best. We sent samples out to a lab

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Photo of several CBD gummy products on a wood background
Best CBDCBD ReviewsFeaturedGummies

Do you want to experience the benefits of CBD while satisfying your sweet tooth? Allow us to introduce you to CBD gummies, the confections that are making the internet swoon. They’re calming, delicious, and discreet. What’s not to love?

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Best CBDCBD ReviewsFeaturedTopicals

CBD’s anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant properties are gaining more fame with every passing day. So, it makes sense that applying it to the skin can be a great way to get targeted relief from a variety of complaints. But which CBD topical products are right for you?

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Best CBDCBD ReviewsFeaturedPet Products

What do you do when your pet is anxious? Or in pain, or experiencing ongoing medical conditions like seizures or arthritis? If you’re like a lot of pet owners, you’ve considered finding a good CBD oil for dogs, cats, or other pets.

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