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For our CBD reviews, we round up a selection of beloved brands and promising newcomers to evaluate.

Then, we use a blind testing process to evaluate the products for taste, smell and appearance. Our testers don’t know which brands they are testing, so even subconscious bias doesn’t enter the reviews.

In addition, we evaluate each product in areas like:

  • User experience
  • Customer service
  • Product
  • Purchase and shipping
  • Transparency

And most importantly, we send samples of each product to a third-party lab to be tested for CBD and THC potency.

Our processes make us confident that the products in our rankings are the best of the best.


A few of the best CBD oil drops
Best CBDCBD ReviewsSublingual CBD Oils

When you’re dealing with a health concern like depression, anxiety, chronic pain, or seizures, the promise of relief can seem like a mirage. Product after product promises to perform miracles, and sometimes those claims are convincing enough to spark a bit of hope—could this one really work?

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Photo of the top five most affordable CBD oils
Best CBDCBD ReviewsFeaturedSublingual CBD Oils

Are you looking for CBD oil drops that won’t break the bank? You’re not alone. When we look at the concerns that CBD consumers express most frequently, price is right up at the top of the list. But when you’re checking out the CBD oil for sale on the market, the

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Best CBDCBD ReviewsFeaturedPet Products

What do you do when your pet is anxious? Or in pain, or experiencing ongoing medical conditions like seizures or arthritis? If you’re like a lot of pet owners, you’ve considered finding a good CBD oil for dogs, cats, or other pets.

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Photo of five bottles of CBD hemp oil
Best CBDCBD ReviewsSublingual CBD Oils

Are you looking for CBD hemp oil drops that taste like fresh oranges? How about french toast with maple syrup, or a hoppy beer? When we started testing products for our 2018 best CBD oil ranking, we were surprised at the range of flavors, textures, and aromas. We all know

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