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Bluebird Botanicals: Leading the Industry in Transparency

When we evaluate a CBD company, some of the most important things we look at are quality, value, and great customer service. And since 2012, Colorado-based Bluebird Botanicals has built a glowing reputation in each of those areas.

Are you thinking of buying one of Bluebird Botanicals’ CBD products? Well, you’ve come to the right place to get all of the info you need.

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Hemp Source: Colorado

CBD Types: Full spectrum and isolate

Extraction: Ethanol or CO2

Transparency: Online batch database

Product Categories: 

  • CBD Oils
  • Capsules
  • Vape Oils
  • Isolates
  • Pet Products

About Bluebird Botanicals CBD

Photo of Bluebird Botanicals CBD bottle with text: Editor's Choice Best All-AroundWith their stellar track record, it’s no surprise that Bluebird took home the Best CBD trophy at the Denver Post’s 2016 Cannabist Awards. And more recently, their Hemp Classic 6x drops landed at the top of our ranking of the Best 15 CBD Oil Drops for 2018.

Competition was tough at the top of our list, but a few things really set Bluebird apart. For one thing, their best-in-class transparency practices mean that customers never have to guess at what they’re getting. That’s because Bluebird maintains a database of third-party lab results on their website. Every single batch of every single product is represented in the database.

We also appreciated their great customer service and competitive pricing. Most importantly, though, the quality of their products make Bluebird stand out.

The company partners with growers in their home state of Colorado to ensure that their hemp meets consistently high standards. That means using organic growing practices and sustainable greenhouses. Then, their products are manufactured in Colorado following the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Processes (CGMP). As a result, Bluebird has exceptional control over their final product.

User Experience
Bluebird’s website experience is accessible and nonthreatening, like a brochure you’d find at a medical spa.

And if you’re looking for details about their products or CBD in general, you’re in the right place. There’s tons of well-organized information, and their products are easy to find and understand.

It’s easy to complete the purchase process, but Bluebird doesn’t stop there—first-time shoppers are prompted to enter a new customer discount code. That means you won’t miss out on those savings!

Customer Service
Bluebird’s customer care stood out from other companies we reviewed.

For starters, they were quick to respond to inquiries. And they manage to be warm and friendly without seeming pushy or insincere. The company representative clearly knew and used the products. In addition to answering our specific question, they also gave a few personalized tips. The effect of these small details was a greater sense of trust in the company and their products.

And because they offer several different ways to get in touch, you can reach the company in whatever way is easiest for you. If you have a question or concern, you can pick up the phone, send an email, or reach out on social media. Whichever method you prefer, you’ll be able to get the support you need.

Bluebird Botanicals is notable for accepting Bitcoin and a variety of other cryptocurrencies, in addition to credit cards. 

Like most CBD companies, they use an international credit card processor. Because of this, banks may charge consumers extra international processing fees. These cases are rare, though, and depend on the customer’s bank.

Bluebird has a fairly standard return policy, and their shipping fees are on the lower end of average.

And we were happy to receive our order wrapped neatly in brown kraft paper, instead of the bubble wrap that so many companies use.

Bluebird Botanicals is one of the companies that is setting new benchmarks for transparency in the CBD industry.

Because their products are made from hemp that is sourced locally, Bluebird’s Colorado-grown hemp is a marketing point for them.

And you don’t have to guess what you’re buying . The company posts third-party lab results for every batch of every single product.

Our Verdict

Highly Recommended

Bluebird Botanicals earns high marks in the categories that matter most to the majority of consumers: value, quality, and customer service. And with their longstanding reputation for transparency and environmental responsibility, this CBD producer is one of our top choices.

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