CBD Hacker evaluated 22 CBD oil brands to create our list of the 15 Best CBD Oil Drops for 2018. Using third-party lab results, blind product tasting, and secret-shopper style research, each product received a score for five categories:

  • Website user experience
  • Customer service
  • Purchase and shipping
  • Product taste and quality
  • Transparency

Wondering about the numbers behind our final scores? Here’s a look behind the curtain.

Behind the CBD Oil Ranking

CBD Hacker's 2018 Guide to CBD Oil Drops

Lab Results

The Good Lab, an independent lab based in Colorado, has a great breakdown of how to calculate a product’s potency in milligrams per milliliter.

Basically, you need to know the potency percentagedensity of the suspension, and volume of the liquid.

We got the percentage from our third-party lab tests, and we looked at the ingredient list for each product to find the density. The volume of the liquid was the easiest part of the calculation—it’s right there on the label.

We compared our potency results to the potency each company advertised for the product. If they didn’t specifically say how many milligrams per milliliter of CBD were in the product, we simply divided the total amount on the label by the volume of the product. For example, if the label says that there are 300 milligrams of CBD in a 30 mL bottle, that means that there should be 10 mg of CBD per mL.

In our scoring, the penalty for containing too little CBD was more harsh than the penalty for containing too much, and products that had a potency difference of -15% or more (after rounding to the nearest whole number) were disqualified from the ranking. In this case, the products that were eliminated were:

  • CBD Drip’s RIX MIX 1500
  • Imbue’s Elevate*
  • Koi Naturals 3000*
Companymg/mL (Labeled)mg/mL (Lab Results)Difference
4 Corners33.3341.06+23.19%
Pure Hemp Botanicals100117.76+17.76%
Charlotte's Web5055.80+11.60%
Pure Spectrum16.6718.15+8.88%
Green Gorillla5053.99+7.98%
Green Roads5052.92+5.84%
Kat's Naturals5052.44+4.88%
Lazarus Naturals5052.08+4.16%
Receptra Naturals5050.63+1.26%
Bluebird Botanicals5050.60+1.20%
Medical Mary8.338.31-0.24%
Palmetto Harmony2018.15-9.25%
CBD Drip5042.42-15.16%

*Note: both Koi and Imbue have disputed the lab’s results. We’re looking into it and will update this page with our findings.

Price Comparison

We know that price is one of the most important variables for CBD consumers, but it can be hard to figure out which CBD oils offer the best value. Products come in so many different sizes and potency options that comparison shopping can really feel overwhelming.

That’s why we decided to make our comparison table available. Keep in mind that, when a company offers a range of potency options, the price per mg of CBD tends to go down with higher potency. Not every product was the highest potency available, so these might not all be the best deals. And take note that we used the regular list price for each product—you might find a great sale. Our price calculator is a great tool for comparing two different products to see which sticker amount breaks down to be a better value.

CompanyProductSizeStrengthPrice per mg CBD
Lazarus NaturalsFlavorless High Potency Tincture60 mL3000 mg$0.04
CBDistilleryFull Spectrum Tincture30 mL5000 mg$0.05
Bluebird BotanicalsHemp Classic 6X30 mL1500 mg$0.07
KoiKoi Naturals60 mL3000 mg$0.08
Pure Hemp BotanicalsPure CBD Oil Full Spectrum Tincture30 mL3000 mg$0.09
Green GorilllaHemp & Olive CBD Oil60 mL3000 mg$0.09
Receptra NaturalsReceptra Health and Wellness30 mL1500 mg$0.09
Charlotte's WebHemp Extract Advanced30 mL1500 mg$0.10
CannaAnxiety30 mL400 mg$0.10
CBD DripRIX MIX30 mL1500 mg$0.10
Kat's NaturalsHeal30 mL1500 mg$0.11
Palmetto HarmonyFull Spectrum Hemp Oil100 mL2000 mg$0.11
NuleafFull Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract30 mL1450 mg$0.12
Green RoadsCBD Oil30 mL1500 mg$0.13
HemplucidHemplucid MCT30 mL1500 mg$0.13
Pure SpectrumHemp Oil Tincture30 mL500 mg$0.15
Medical MaryDaily CBD60 mL500 mg$0.16
PlusCBDCBD Oil Drops (Gold)30 mL250 mg$0.17
4 CornersOral Tincture30 mL1000 mg$0.20
FabPremium CBD Oil Drops30 mL300 mg$0.20
PopulumPremium Hemp Oil30 mL1000 mg$0.20
Im•bueIm•bue Elevated30 mL250 mg$0.27

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